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last day school ♥
Thursday, 10 November 2011 | 0 comments
hyeee guys (: oke hari ni pada 10/11/2011 today's my lat day for school oke .tadi dapat 4 hadiah tau :D

  • cipta layang2 (group)
  • peribahasa(sendiri)
  • explorace(group)
  • menyanyi(group)
    yeayyy .akhirnya kan group kami takdela macam group yang konon hot kat sekolah tu --' setakat dapat berapa je .*kalau korang taknak kalah ,kiteorg pon taknak kalah*  oke .tup tup tamat lah sekolah pada tahun 2011 :( i will miss my friend and my class teacher ( puan citra ) because she will move to KL :( IMY TEACHER .some pictures i will share with you when I was in SMK KULAI BESAR :)

some pictures when my bestie and I hangout :)
^ this is my makcik kepoh .I call her kakngah / lynn .she is talkative and i love lynn <3
^ this is my aqila rosli <3 she understand me when i down :D
i love you aqila rosli :)

 #kbye :)

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